7.5. Public Consultation

7.5. Public Consultation

March 11, 2020: Report regarding the Public Consultation of the Amendments of the Storage Code

Pursuant to the Decision on Approval of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency - HERA (Class: 310-26/20-01/1; Reg.: 371-04-20-5), from March 9, 2020, the Gas storage system operator - Podzemno skladište plina Ltd. – adopted the Amendments of the Storage Code which are published in the Official Gazette under No.: 26/2020.

Regarding the proposal of the Amendments of the Storage Code, a Public Consultation has been held in the period from February 14 till March 5, 2020.

During Public Consultation the following remarks/suggestions have been received.
Results of the Public Consultation (Unified comments/suggestions and explanations on approval/rejection of the same)

The Form reports regarding Public Consultation