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Mission, vision and goals

Our main mission is to manage, maintain and develop a secure, reliable and efficient natural gas storage system while satisfying the requirements of consumers and other stakeholders, as well as legal and other applicable requirements.

To develop and to increase the safety and reliability of the natural gas storage system while reducing negative impacts on the environment.
To constantly improve the quality of business operations.
To increase energy efficiency.
To increase safety at the workplace and to improve worker health protection.

On the basis of policies related to quality, environmental protection, health and safety, as well as an analysis of risks, the board adopts general goals for the business management system, taking into account legal and other requirements, technological and financial possibilities and the positions of stakeholders.
Our goals are complete implementation of Quality Policies and continued improvement of systems with the aim of maintaining high service quality. On the basis of these general goals, specific measurable goals and programs are adopted at the appropriate positions and levels of PSP d.o.o., which are then implemented and assessed in defined time intervals.
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