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7.1. Maintenance

Planned procedures which impact the use of the Gas Storage System's capacities:
  • Hydrodynamic (HD) measurements in the underground gas storage deposit: withdrawal capacity 0 m3/h  and injection capacity 0 m3/h with a constant duration of up to 96 hours.HD measurements are planned to be carried out no later than 15 days from the end of the injection cycle or rather the withdrawal cycle of which the users will be notified at least 19 hours in advance.  
  • Annual maintenance work on the motorcompressor units:  in the time period from the 1st of November until 1st of April injection capacity up to Qut ≤ 80,000 m3/h gas. 
  • The Storage System Operator revises as required the planned gas storage service termination deadlines and finally confirms them by delivering a notification to the Storage System Users at least 19 hours in advance
  • Other notifications which can have an impact onthe use of Gas Storage System's capacities can be seen on the web site Operational Data.
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