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7.5. Consultation With the Interested Public

Call for participation in the public consultation

Gas storage system operator – Podzemno skladište plina Ltd. informs the interested publicabout the start of public consultation related to the proposal of the fourth edition of the Storage code.
We invite energy subjects and interested and expert public to submit their comments, opinions or statements.
A public consultation will be held from 10 March to 25 March 2017.

Based on Article 86 of the Law on Gas Market (Official Gazette no. 28/13, 14/14 and 16/17) and with the approval of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency, Podzemno skladište plina  Ltd. as the gas storage system operator adopted Rules of using the storage system UPR-204 / 2016 of 31 December 2016, Amendments to the Storage code UPR-011/2017 of 12 January 2017, Amendments of the Storage code UPR-017/2017 of 30 January 2017 and Amendments to the Storage code UPR-049/2017 of 27 February 2017.
Given the fact that there is a need to amend certain provisions of the Storage code, first of all because of compliance with the Commission regulation 312/2014, Podzemno skladište plina Ltd. proposes the fourth edition of the Storage code

The consultation procedure :
1. Please submit Your suggestions and comments by filling out the Remarks form.
2. Please fill the Remarks form and send it on a e-mail address: prodaja@psp.hrnot later than March 25, 2017.
3. Please put the title of the e-mail: Consultation-2017-01
4. Please name the Form: "Consulting-2017-01 NAME.doc" where NAME represents the abbreviated name of the representatives of interested parties.
Draft of the Storage code
Supporting Document for Proposed Storage code
Remarks form
Archive of earlier consultations
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